noun : a strict vegetarian; someone who eats no animal or dairy products at all.

"Welcome to my Complete Vegan Health web site. My name is Bruce Kirkpatrick and I became vegan in March 2005 and then stopped around January 2006. I still believe in the vegan ideals, yet I feel like I recover faster and feel stronger playing sports when I have some meat and dairy in my diet. The vegan diet is the perfect cure for cold and I often go vegetarian on most days to clean out my system and prevent illness. I believe your sugar levels become very sensitive on a vegan diet, so you have to be very careful about the amount of grains and refined sugars you're eating. Like everything, there is a balance that's unique to you. I found that balance by going vegan and then coming back to eating practically everything. We all like to tastes a variety of flavor, but lets be responsible when we're sick and learn here to treat our bodies well when we need to heal and teach our children that poor eating habits are just as bad as drugs and alcohol. I used to be excited about finding better health through a vegan diet, but now I just look for better health in general and still enjoy all the guilty pleasures everyone else does. No matter what your diet consists of, you must continue to get sun and exercise daily as nothing compensates for that in the long run. I've explored the internet and read a few books trying to hunt down all the best resources. Currently, this site links to several of my favorite vegan articles and web sites. I may expand the site later, but I haven't in over a year, so I'll leave this as a simple index of resources in your journey to better health and awareness."
Bruce Kirkpatrick

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